5 Things You Should Know Before You Have Breast Augmentation Surgery

Have you decided to have breast augmentation surgery? Have you been researching and doing Google searches nonstop? Perhaps even reading blogs like this one? It is a big decision and you are not alone. Many women going through this same process have lots of questions and anxiety about making the right decision for themselves. While researching and doing your homework is important, there are some key factors about breast augmentation that you need to know prior to surgery.

Here is a helpful checklist of the 5 main things you should know prior to getting breast implants so you are better prepared for this exciting new change.

Take adequate time off and be prepared for your recovery

Breast augmentation is a major surgery, so it is essential that patients have their recovery space ready for when they get home. Plan beforehand to have your pain medications filled and ready, movies or books on hand, and additional help with care especially if you have children. Also, plan to take adequate time off from work, the gym, and being a mom. Pushing yourself to do too much too soon can cause complications and even lengthen your recovery time. Rest is key so be prepared to have what you need and who you need when you get home.

Trust your surgeon

The most important step in the breast augmentation process is finding the right, qualified plastic surgeon to do your surgery. 

Selecting a highly reputable plastic surgeon will help you achieve the best results.

Asking other friends or family who they recommend and doing additional internet research about surgical centers in the area can help you determine the right plastic surgeon for you. Your surgeon is not only important for your actual surgery but will also be your guide on making the right decisions for you prior to surgery. They are the experts, so listen to their expertise. They can assess your body type, breast tissue, and listen to your aesthetic goals in order to help you determine what will be the best results for your surgery.

Every woman is different

The main 3 questions patients always ask when considering breast augmentation focus on implant size, shape, and type. Today, there is a shift with women being more fitness-focused and wanting a more natural-looking enhancement. Women need to consider their lifestyle, body type, and overall end goal with this type of surgery, but remember every woman is different. During your consultation, try on different implant sizes and types, and work closely with your plastic surgeon in order to get the best outcome for you.

Post-surgery “blues”

If you have done research on breast augmentation, then you have probably seen information on the “new boob” let down after women are done with surgery. When cosmetically changing an aspect about your body, it can lead to high expectations. Patients need to give their body time to heal. There will be days when they may look too small and you wished you had gone bigger or even days when they look too big. Some patients even worry post-surgery that they made the right decision. If you do experience any post-surgery “blues” just know these moments will pass and eventually your new breasts will feel like part of you. 

Be patient

As with any type of cosmetic surgery, you need to remember to be patient. Your body will change on a weekly basis as it heals. You really won’t see your final results until you are 6-9 months out from surgery. So be patient! Don’t go out and buy new clothes or bras until you are fully healed and your breast implants have “settled in.” All too often, patients let their excitement take over about their new look while their body is still recovering. It is an exciting change, but letting your body heal and your implants find their place will let you love the end result even more.