Great skin starts here, a solution for sagging skin

Sagging skin??? So, 2020 didn’t go quite as planned, it was more like a tsunami! But it still didn’t end the love that we have for good skin, beauty and aesthetic treatments.

The effects of Covid-19, including spending more time at home, have brought a great focus on self-care and skin care has reaped the benefits,” noted Jensen.

Skin matters

During the recent multiple lockdowns we couldn’t go out for dinner, drinks and live events…..BUT one good thing came out of this was amazing skin! Yes, many of us were extremely bored and hence focused on the overall quality of our skin and ended up investing time and money into a good new skin care regimen. While Botox and Fillers had to take a back seat for a while, skin care has become a part of our daily routine….and it looks like it’s paying off for many of us.

This emphasis on the skin may have led to greater awareness of how important it is to look after it. Good skin is the foundation of any good aesthetic treatment – it makes everything look better and there’s no point in spending loads of money on Botox or fillers if you don’t look after your skin! Dr MJ Rowland-Warmann agrees. She explains, “lockdown and the whole ‘Zoom face’ thing has really been beneficial in terms of hammering home just how important it is to look after your skin. Simply because there was nothing else to do. The most common questions our skin doctor has been asked are

how to tighten sagging skin on face?

best skin tightening cream for face and neck

a facelift without surgery

please give me a collagen treatment

how to get rid of open pores

Wearing sunscreen is particularly important and to start and maintain a good skincare routine including an SPF is going to save us a whole lot of anti-wrinkle interventions where they could have been prevented – or at least postponed. Good skin care leads to a beautiful complexion for which our recommended hero skin product is Alumier’s Ultimate Boost Serum.  Ultimate Boost Serum is a lightweight serum that boosts hydration and enhances the skin’s natural hydrolipid barrier with sodium hyaluronate and niacinamide. MATRIXYL™ Synthe’6™ strengthens skin and improves elasticity, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Powerful antioxidants, including glutathione and a blend of tea extracts, neutralise ageing free radicals to protect the skin from future damage. Perfect to use as a booster under moisturiser. So if you have a concern like many of our patients to find treatments to help with sagging skin, pigmentation, open pores or looking for that facelift without surgery, then call in to our skin doctor in Gerrards Cross, Dr Nishel Patel

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Skinesse is looking forward to welcoming you in 2021 for your medical aesthetic appointments and treatments. All our services will be delivered in line with the Government’s social distancing measures and in compliance with guidance from Public Health England, including the appropriate use of PPE.