How to treat Aging Skin

How to Tighten Sagging Skin on Skin

Sagging skin is loose skin that seems to hold no definition because of the absence of muscle underneath. Collagen and Elastin are the essential factors that guarantee that your skin is firm. As we age, the skin is known to lose its Elasticity and the creation of collagen decreases. There are several natural and cosmetic treatments that can help you tighten sagging skin.

What causes sagging skin? 

While there are a wide range of things that affect your skin and your body, here are the absolute generally normal and known components that lead to an excess of loose skin. 

  1. Aging  

The most well-known reason for free skin is maturing, and obviously it’s unavoidable. As we age, your body creates less collagen and elastin in the skin, both which give your skin its common elasticity and keep it firm. Elastin strands are proteins that help the skin “bounce back” from stretching and making facial expression. Collagen is another protein that frames that skin’s design. 

  1. Sun Exposure 

It can influence your elasticity and collagen creation, as well, however at a faster rate than aging. Sun harm caused by UVA/UVB radiation can influence your skin’s DNA and change it, prompting untimely cell death. This separates the collagen and elastin in your skin. 

  1. Smoking  

Smoking can prompt untimely maturing. The nicotine in cigarettes can limit the veins in the furthest layers of your skin. Because of this, the blood stream in your skin is upset which can prompt less oxygen and supplements to your skin cells. Without the regular supplements, your skin cells die, decreasing the creation of collagen and elastin in your body. 

How to get rid of loose skin.  

  1. The solution we recommend that can drive instant results and help you tighten sagging skin on your face which is the Alumier MD Glow Peel . A chemical peel is a treatment used to improve skin texture and tone. The peel builds the connections between dead skin cells and heps stimulate new cell growth. The Alumier Glow Peel is able to tackle a range of skin concerns including fine lines, large pores, problems with texture and pigmentation, and sun damage. For further information regarding the treatment,  contact our skin specialist Dr. Nishel Patel who is a medical skincare doctor based in the UK with level 7 standard by Harley Academy. The qualification is the new national industry standard that ensures regulation in the cosmetic industry. Book an appointment by clicking on the link below


tighten sagging skin
  1. Exercising regularly 

When your body has burned off any excess fat through exercise it starts to develop muscle instead. It’s this extra muscle mass which may help reduce the appearance of looser skin. Weight training exercises could be helpful as they focus solely on your muscles and help you tighten sagging skin.

tighten sagging skin
  1. Taking a supplement  

To improve your skin’s elasticity, it might be worth taking a supplement. Collagen supplements are a particularly great option; however, you’ll find vitamin C is also suitable as your body needs it in order to produce collagen. 

  1. Moisturising your skin 

Just as supporting with wiping out the presence of any lines and causing your skin to feel delicate, saturating may likewise help firm up looser skin. Investigate the creams and moisturizers in our skin illnesses reach and post for things containing collagen, particularly in case you’re wanting to dispose of free skin around your face. 

Home remedies for sagging skin 

  1. Aloe Vera gel  

Aloe vera separate aides in normally expanding the creation of collagen in the body, which further aides in lessening the noticeable indications of maturing like almost negligible differences and wrinkles. Collagen helps in decreasing the wrinkles and helps in skin tightening. It likewise improves the elasticity of skin. 

  1. Egg white and honey 

Egg Whites help to fix the skin and shrink pores. They add to keeping up flexibility in the skin and can lessen the presence of scarce differences. Raw Honey draws moisture to the skin and helps to retain it. 

  1. Oil Massage 

Oil knead is won’t just fix your skin however will likewise make it smoother and clearer. You can utilize olive oil for kneading as it contains nutrient E and A. It additionally has anti-aging benefits. 

  1. Ground Coffee and Coconut oil 

Coffee contains caffeine, which makes your skin soft and firm by taking out fat and saturating the skin. The ground coffee will tenderly shed your skin and the cell reinforcements in it will delay the aging cycle.