What Are the Benefits Of Lip Enhancement?

As the summer months get closer, we eat more healthily, and tend to have a more disciplined exercise regime. However, when you feel self-conscious about your smile, it can make you want to avoid photos, and sometimes stay away from summer social events all together. But you don’t have to hide in the shade. At Skinesse, Buckinghamshire we offer doctor-led Lip Enhancement treatments to give our clients lips with more definition, a youthful appearance and a boost in confidence. But what is involved in Lip Enhancement and what can you expect from your results?

At Skinesse, our team of experts only practice with the high quality, natural, active ingredient called hyaluronic acid that leaves you with soft lips and natural-looking results. As a temporary acid filler, over time the solution degrades naturally so there is very little post-treatment maintenance.

Lip Enhancement treatments are an excellent tool to confront the negative effects of the natural ageing process. As we grow older, our lips can begin to thin and/or droop due to the reduction in hyaluronic acid. Skinesse’s exceptional Lip Enhancement treatment works to reverse this, by adding volume, lift and definition. Fuller lips with defined vermillion borders make us feel feminine and attractive, and by enhancing the lip line, whilst reducing upper lip lines Skinesse can create a youthful appearance, and improve your confidence.

During a consultation prior to your treatment, our doctors will analyse your facial anatomy, and take note of any personal desired results of the treatment, to design the perfect lips to suit your face. A great deal of expertise and artistry goes into creating beautifully balanced lips that look natural.

The doctors at Skinesse were medically trained at the prestigious University College London, with additional education to a level 7 standard by at Harley Academy. This significant training has resonated with our experts, who have built the Skinesse clinic and brand with the highest ethical standards of safety. We have diverse experience and tailor our treatments to you, based on a combination of your desired results and our medical expertise.

If you would like to learn more about our incredibly effective Lip Enhancement treatment, please contact our friendly team of experts, who will happily provide you with additional information or book you in for a consultation.