Fat Dissolving, Liposuction in a syringe.

Posted By Dr Nishel Patel 19th November 2017

Fat dissolving injections, non-surgical effective doctor led treatments.

As the festive and party season approaches you maybe concerned about those troublesome areas of fat that just wont disappear. Good diet and regular exercise does a lot but sometimes those stubborn parts remain. Have you considered fat loss injections? Dr Nishel Patel at Skinesse provides Aqualyx. This is an internationally used, non invasive, fat dissolving treatment with years of evidence behind it.

Only qualified medical practitioners are able to perform this treatment. The injections can only be obtained on a prescription. Dr Nishel uses his experience and expertise in anatomy to intricately place the injections directly into the fat cells. Compared to the numerous fat freezing techniques on the market Dr Patel feels this medically direct approach is much more specific and yields more consistent results.

Aqualyx can treat many areas on the body that may well be causing low self esteem such as a double chin, love handles and saddlebags. It can also be used to areas of the body such as the stomach to contour and define body shape. Small fat collections called lipomas can also be effectively injected without the need for costly minor surgery.

Dr Nishel is happy to discuss how Aqualyx fat dissolving treatments at his Skinesse Clinic. He can help you to achieve the body you desire, to boost your confidence and look and feel your very best.