What are your options when knee pain just does not go away?

Posted By Dr Nishel Patel 01/01/2018

Have you heard about cartilage regeneration or injections that improve your knee pain but don’t involve steroids? These may delay or eradicate the knee for surgery.

Knee pain, painful joints, swollen legs, can’t walk down the stairs, can’t play sport, can’t look after the kids or grandkids.

Does any of this sound familiar? I see knee pain regularly in my general medical clinic and on a lot of occasions it just will not go away. Despite physio, exercises an painkillers people often still suffer.

Well there are solutions which still do not include surgery. A thorough consultation with Dr Nishel Patel will give you 17 years of top experience in dealing with musculoskeletal injections. After a careful history listening to your concerns, he will examine the problem area and recommend specific therapies. This may include further intensive therapy with well trusted colleagues whom he knows will produce results. Dr Patel can also expertly place specialist injections of either steroid or cartilage regenerating Hyaluronic Acid. This exciting treatment is a popular alternative to surgery in well selected cases and attempts to renew the worn down cartilage.

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