Treatments to make you feel special

Posted By Dr Nishel Patel 30th Ocotber 2017

As he greets me in the waiting room of his Gerrards Cross clinic, the first thing that strikes me about Dr Nishel Patel is his immaculate appearance, blue Italian suit, smart brown shoes combined with just a suggestion of cologne all creates an air of success, exclusivity and above all taste.
Alongside his clear eye for style and detail, Dr Nishel has a unique medical approach to facial rejuvenation treatments. After a careful discussion of my expectations, Dr Nishel took a closer inspection of my skin and using his medical aesthetic expertise he explained what he hoped to achieve by relaxing selected facial muscles with a small amount of Botox to areas on my forehead. Anti-wrinkle injections are his most popular treatment, erasing signs of ageing and refreshing areas of skin. The more we spoke the more it became apparent Dr Nishel abides by his firm ethos of looking good for your age not young for your age.

Sitting on the couch Dr Nishel marks out the areas on my face that he will inject Botox into to transform my forehead from a rather uneven canvas to a smoother, fresher look. He then seamlessly slides the needle into my skin which feels like nothing more than a scratch. As he makes his way over the different sections of my face he is continually assessing his work reassuring me every step of the way.

Before I know it my treatment is complete. Dr Nishel hands me the mirror again, I peer nervously at my reflection unsure of what I would see. The only noticeable sign were a couple of tiny red pin marks which soon disappeared. Dr Nishel explains where he has carefully placed small amounts of Botox with the intention of removing my furrowed lines in the middle of my forehead and smoothing finer lines.

My treatment experience with Dr Nishel is far from the one stop injecting shop I had seen elsewhere, all aspects from consultation to treatment to after care were carefully considered and all questions answered comprehensively. With a skilled hand Dr Nishel provides a service a cut above the rest, leaving me with my desired noticeably freshened look. For more information on his Gerrards Cross Clinic visit the website