A problem not to be sniffed at

Posted By Dr Nishel Patel on 25th June 2018


A problem not to be sniffed at


Hayfever, little or no problem for some, but a big issue for others. As spring approaches, the pollen count rises and a significant proportion of the population begin to suffer from Allergic Rhinitis or hayfever. Those typical symptoms of runny, itchy eyes, congested nose, sneezing and tiredness are well known. I will talk below about the various treatment strategies to help you have a more comfortable spring and summer


Antihistamines are a popular method. They are commonly given as daily tablets and should be used early in the season, I advise mid-march as a good starting point for chronic sufferers. Switching between sedating varieties for better sleep and the less drowsy versions is a good idea.


Soothing eye drops are widely available over the counter and can relieve those annoying eye symptoms. Their advantage lies in the fact they can be kept on you person and used many times in the day


A steroid nasal spray again is available to buy from the chemist. I always advocate the proper technique of using the spray, referring my patients to the leaflet or a you tube video. You will be surprised how many people use the spay incorrectly and hence do not get the best out of it. Your pharmacist is the always the first point of call to discuss these treatments and ideally will avoid the need to take a precious doctor’s appointment.


Those with severe symptoms sometimes benefit from steroid tablets or injections. This has to be with medical advice and in carefully selected patients. Results are often dramatic, long lasting and life changing.  Please consult your doctor for this. Dr Patel @Skinesse provides a private medical consultation for those with severe symptoms whom may benefit from steroid treatment.