Painful leg veins, your options discussed


Varicose veins, don’t put up with them!!


I see a large number of conditions in my daily clinical practice which should really be treated but the NHS is unable to fund or us doctors have to complete piles of paperwork in order to obtain the necessary funding and approval. What a joke!


One such problem is varicose veins. These are large, often greater than 5mm, veins running down your legs which have gradually got bigger over the years. They can pose clinical problems such as pain, infection and worse cases can cause venous leg ulcers. This is not a condition you want to have!


Simple treatment consists of weight reduction, exercise, stopping smoking and support stockings. In my opinion, the vast majority of symptomatic leg veins should be removed without hesitation, but this is not often the case. Unfortunately, people needlessly suffer the complications of varicose veins. They often consult me in my private practice for cosmetic treatment of thread veins or spider veins. I also treat those painful veins too. A gold standard technique called Sclerotherapy is very safe and very effective. I would also suggest I can help with the symptoms of larger varicose veins and what you should look out for. This can form the basis of a discussion with your GP about a potential referral to a Vein specialist to remove the problematic veins.


Remember these veins are not going to disappear and it’s a good idea to talk to someone who understands this condition to discuss all your options.