Neck lift

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This treatment redefines the elegant lines of the neck which can become relaxed over time leading to unsightly jowls. Carefully placed anti wrinkle injections into the neck muscles can give a tighter, more youthful look, without the need for surgery. The injections are placed into the Platysma muscle which covers the entire neck area. The procedure is quick and well tolerated. The entire neck area can look lifted and is particularly popular with a number of our patients who wish the neck and décolletage to match the skin of their face.

Dr Nishel Patel can also use high quality dermal fillers in this area to improve the skin texture. Also an option for treatment is to use a micro-needling technique , either using a micro-needling pen or using a micro-droplet technique manually. Visit our facial rejuvenation page for more information. This versatile treatment is excellent for those who are not ready to take the step into botox and fillers.

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  • How do the anti wrinkle injections work?
    The active ingredient in anti-wrinkle injections is botulinum toxin which is a natural purified protein. It relaxes facial muscles in order to reduce wrinkles by diminishing muscle contraction to temporarily block nerve impulses. When used correctly by a professional practitioner, it’s extremely safe and well tolerated.
  • How will I know if I’m suitable for the treatment?
    This treatment is suitable for patients who have noticed early signs of ageing but for whom it is too soon for facelift surgery or for whom surgery is not an option.

    Full medical history will be taken your initial consultation . As medical experts we will know when not to advise treatment however in reality there are very few contra indications.
  • How much does it cost?
    Prices start from £295 upwards depending on areas treated- this will be decided at initial consultation

*Individual results may vary.

Treatment Overview
Neck lift at Skinesse Clinic
  • Procedure Time Less than an hour
  • Full Recovery There may be initial bruising and swelling but this will usually settle within a few days
  • Anaesthetic Topical numbing cream (not always required
  • Results immediate but will develop over a period of weeks as the treatments take maximum effect
  • Risks & Complications You should be aware of the main risks like bleeding/ infection however fortunately these are rare and the risks can be minimized by using strict sterile techniques and superior products. This is why we would recommend you come to doctors who are fully qualifies to offer these treatments.

*Individual results may vary.