Thread Vein Removal

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Thread Vein Removal in Buckinghamshire

The first step for beautiful legs at Skinesse starts with a consultation with our medical director Dr Nishel Patel. After a thorough medical assessment you will be guided as to the most effective treatment choices to achieve the best results for you.

Before determining the best treatments for spider veins, it is helpful to know the reasons they form in the first place. Spider veins usually develop in a network that looks like a spider’s web. They may be red or blue, and some of them can become quite large. The most common areas to find spider veins are on the legs and on the face. However, these visible vessels can show up nearly anywhere on the body.


Causes of spider veins vary and might include:

  • Hormonal fluctuations
  •  Injury or trauma to the skin
  •  Excessive sun exposure
  •  Some medications, including anabolic steroids
  •  Excessive alcohol consumption (facial veins)

Our Treatment for Spider Veins on Face or Legs

Sclerotherapy is the treatment of choice for those annoying and unsightly thread veins on your legs. They are often referred to as spider veins and can be found also on the chest and face. If appropriate these can also be treated.

With just a few treatments the veins will collapse and harmlessly fade away and leave you feeling much more confident and restore your legs to their former beauty. Book your consult with Dr Nishel at Skinesse now to get those summer ready legs.

  • Doctor led treatments
  • Safe and clinical environment
  • Modern accessible clinic in convenient location
  • Long lasting results

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  • Why should I have my veins treated?
    I see a number of women who tell me how uncomfortable they feel showing off their legs in public. It’s not that they don’t want to, especially in the summer or when on holiday but the feeling of self-consciousness can really affect them.
  • Can all my veins be treated?
    Dr Nishel Patel will assess your veins thoroughly and advise on the best course of action. He can also refer you onwards to discuss your options for more invasive treatment should the need arise.
  • What is sclerotherapy?
    This is the gold standard procedure in removing spider thread veins on the legs. It involves injection of a prescription only substance that is injected by expert hands. The lining of the veins become irritated and they eventually collapse leaving a vein free area
  • Is it painful?
    It can be best described as a mild sting. The needles used by Dr Patel are very fine, almost like a hair.
  • How quick does it work?
    Results are often immediate. Some bruising may occur which takes a few days to settle. Post procedure instructions and advice will always be provided.
  • How much does it cost?
    Prices start from £200

*Individual results may vary.

Treatment Overview
Thread Vein Removal at Skinesse Clinic
  • Procedure Time Less than 1 hour
  • Full Recovery Within a few days
  • Anaesthetic None
  • Results Immediate
  • Duration of Results Long term
  • Risks & Complications Bruising swelling around injection site, further info at consultation

*Individual results may vary.

""Loving my crows feet! What crows feet? Within a week of my treatments they had disappeared along with lines on my forehead and I looked younger and brighter. It looks so natural that nobody has asked if I had Botox but many people have told me I look well and asked if I've been away. This has given my confidence a boost and I highly recommend making an appointment with Dr Patel""

April age 55

*Individual results may vary.