Regulation in Aesthetics

The Level 7 Qualification in Injectables


Dr Nishel Patel was one of the first cohort of doctors to achieve this post graduate qualification. He now continues to work with the Harley Academy as a mentor and we will touch upon his teaching work in this article too


What is the level 7 qualification?


This is a post graduate certificate designed to allow medical practitioners the opportunity to study their speciality in more depth. Unfortunately, the cosmetic industry in the UK is blighted by poor regulation. It has fallen to standard whereby some unskilled therapists are injecting dermal fillers and illegally obtaining botox. Health Education England along with other governing bodies are trying to redress this situation, although with some opposition.


The qualification involves months of learning, practical sessions and in depth mentoring in clinic discussing and treating multiple cases. There is a final exam conducted under pressure. Topics covered include dermatology, psychology and in depth anatomy.


What does this mean for you.. the patient??


It means that when you attend to see Dr Nishel Patel in clinic you can be assured his experience and knowledge come with more than the industry standard skills. He has performed many procedures and Cosmetic Medicine forms a significant part of his work, often some practitioners see it as a bolt on to their existing careers and do not simply have the required skill set to safely practise the specialty and their results show this. You will also receive a grounded opinion. As a family physician, Dr Nishel Patel deals with many medical and chronic conditions. This gives him the experience in consultations and opinions. Always the need to be honest with the patient overides any financial discussion, he can maintain an aesthetic eye whilst still looking after your best interest.


Dr Patel, the mentor??


Yes, he works very closely with the prestigious Harley Academy. In his clinic he will mentor fellow doctors and teach them the skills of aesthetic medicine. Together they will see between 10-12 cases a day; Dr Patel oversees each case and advises, trains, demonstrates and examines his students. He finds this academically very rewarding.  He  completed a teaching qualification to strengthen his skill set this summer.


So in summary choose the correct practitioner for your treatment. At Skinesse your treatment will only be carried out by Dr Patel, and this will be based upon an in depth consultation first. There is a big difference between price and value.

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