Five common fat loss mistakes YOU must avoid

Posted By Dr Nishel Patel 31st Dec 2018

The new year traditionally brings a time of reflection and the mad rush to start a new training regime or diet. However in reality how much of this really works? Think for a bit.. if diets actually worked why are the bookstores full of celebrity diet advice books?

Having consulted with thousands of patients over the years, I see the following 5 common mistakes in peoples journey to the holy grail six pack


Crash Diets

they don’t work, they make you feel awful and they are unsustainable. Do you really want to be sipping diet milk shakes all day whilst your friends are out at lunch?


A poor plan

And more importantly poorly executed. keep it simple, keep it achievable and realistic. If you hate the gym and jogging, don’t do it. I should not need to tell you the exercises needed to lose weight, the internet is full of them.. but please do something and eat something you enjoy


Thinking it’s your thyroid gland

If I put a penny in a jar every time a patient asked me to perform a thyroid function test because they could not lose weight and I took a penny out each time they were correct, guess what i would have after one year… a jar full of pennies


Ignoring weight training

Guess what, bigger muscles burn more calories.. simple.. eat well with bigger muscles, stay active and you will start the burn


Not focusing on body shape

From a cosmetic perspective, stop looking at the scales and look at what makes you feel and look good. If its stubborn areas of fat, dress to hide these and dress to reveal your more noticeable assets.

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