What is the best age to think about cosmetic treatment?

This is a very common question I get asked and the best way I break this down is to talk about decades.

your 20s

Skin, skin, skin and more skin. Environmental factors such as UV exposure and smoking at this age have a large impact on the quality of skin as we get older. Think about these and remember regular skin care routines including daily SPF.


your 30s

a great time to start thinking about anti wrinkle injections, also commonly known as botox. This prevents static line or fixed lines forming as you get older so think of it as prevention. Treatment between every three to six months and strategically placed means the results will be sympathetic with your face and age

your 40s and 50s

Now we think about adding in high quality dermal fillers to replace areas of lost volume in our midface which then causes sunken cheeks, eye sockets and jowls. This is Dr Patels specialist area and he has a large patient list from this demographic. A liquid face lift is an excellent non surgical option which little or no downtime. The menopause will affect our skin and skin treatments like botox and microneedling can produce fresh looking skin as our collagen levels diminish.

60s and onwards

Don’t think it stops there. Combination treatments work very well in this group and the subtle lift created results in excellent rejuvenated skin.

Everyone ages in their own unique way, chat to Dr Patel about the best treatments for you.