Thinking about Aesthetic Treatment? Things to consider.

Posted by Dr Nishel Patel

What to consider before your non-surgical consultation appointment.

There are a range of things to consider at your initial consultation appointment. Research, questions, expectations and communication should be on your appointment agenda. Dermal fillers, wrinkle injections, thread veins, what do these mean?

Research is vital, find out all about the clinic, what treatments are available for your condition and background information on the medical clinician who you will be meeting with. Many clinics offer to good to be true low prices on many treatments but in this case the price tag may well match the quality of the products used and the treatment received.

Make notes as you carry out research so you are able to find out as much information as possible about the treatment you are considering. With notes to hand you won’t forget anything you want to ask your clinician. Any worries or concerns you may have will help your clinician understand how you are feeling and get the best out of your consultation.

What are your expectations regarding treatment? Have you checked patient reviews and can you see any images of your doctor’s previous work? Before and after photos are really helpful when finding out what can be realistically achieved. It’s worth remembering everybody’s skin is unique: a competent, ethical private doctor will be able to tailor treatments to suit your skin. Ask how many procedures the practitioner performs; does Cosmetic Medicine form a significant part of their working week or is it just an interest. Most importantly make sure your practitioner is regulated. Unfortunately in the UK the cosmetic industry has been given a bad reputation by unqualified and unregulated therapists being allowed to perform procedures. Ask for their current GMC or NMC number and check it. Also ask if they have had their professional appraisal with evidence of ongoing development.

Communication is key. Find out the clinic appointment etiquette, what time is your consultation and how much time should you allow, is there anything to avoid before consultation such as smoking, wearing makeup or face creams or caffeine.

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